Sunday, November 8, 2009

Teggy’s Birthday Surprise

Since Tegrim’s birthday was a work-night for me, I didn’t have time to go shopping before the party – and as it was I arrived a little late. So, after everyone headed home I went to the local ‘everything store’ (Wal-Mart, of course) to find him a present. He loves the Disney Pixar Movie Cars and had already started collecting them. It seemed every car they had that night at Wal-Mart, little Teggy already had – except for Frank, the big combine that chases the cars off the fields when they go ‘tractor tipping’. It was only just recently his momma told me that he finally quit running to hide when Frank would come on the screen……, I thought it would be safe enough to get him the cute little tractor-tipping set that came with Frank.

After getting it all wrapped (quick and easy in a gift bag), I took it over to Jericho and Emily’s house to give to my little two-year old grandson. Unfortunately, the party having worn his little self out, he had fallen fast asleep! I told them what I had bought him, and they thought he would like it. Since I hadn’t seen them in awhile, I put my keys and cell phone in my pockets, and stayed to visit awhile. Just when I was about to head out the door little Teggy woke up. Jericho told me to come on back and give him his present, so I turned around, picked up the gift and called Tegrim to come and open it.
He was more curious than excited……..I think he had the concept down pretty well from his party ---- that there was probably something fun inside the package. He pulled it out, saw Frank’s picture on the box, and let out a long “ohhhhhhh……” His eyes were big, but he didn’t appear to be frightened at all.

“Grand-mommy take it out of the box for you?” Jericho asked him, and he shook his head ‘yes’. Since everything seems to come in ‘anything-but-easy-to-open’ packages, it took me awhile to get the box open. But, when I finally gained access to its contents, there was Frank, right on top. Tegrim was standing just a couple feet away from where I was sitting……… I pulled Frank up out of the box, turned his face toward Teggy, held the little toy up in front of his face as he gazed at it with wonder, and “BZZZZZZZZZ” went my pocket! I jumped up and screamed at the same time, as if I’d been stung. Frank jumped at the same time, of course, right in front of Teggy’s face………….. who then proceeded to run into the kitchen screaming and crying at the same time!!!! Unbelievably, someone had called me at the precise moment I managed to hold Frank up in front of little Teggy’s curious face!!

Trying to grab my cell phone and answer it, and calling after Tegrim that I was sooooo sorry to have scared him, at the same time, had everyone rolling with laughter. By then I couldn’t help but laugh myself to tears, too!! At least all the laughter had seemed to calm Teggy down some, and he came back for hugs and comfort. BUT, no matter how hard we tried we could NOT get Tegrim to get anywhere in close proximity of Frank. We set up the track and he thought Lightning McQueen racing down the track to tip over the tractors was pretty cool……….. but, he wanted no part of Frank. Apparently, he was not upset with me at all and had assumed in his little two-year-old mind that Frank was indeed the enemy who had advanced in his face with a snarl! The best we could do is to ‘punish’ Frank and banish him to his Uncle Josh’s bedroom for the night. He did repeat after us “BAD FRANK” and that was that!!!

The story does have a happy ending, though………, we are not completely mean for having had a good laugh that evening. Tegrim has since ‘made up’ with Frank ………… and now, when he holds Frank up for us, HE is in control and is the one who lets out the “Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”!!! The tractors are now safe in Tegrim and Frank’s care!